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I make all of my products with love and care by hand. I use the best ingredients I can find, and make them lovingly in small batches, so I can control the quality and make sure everything is perfect.

I source everything I can as locally as I can. I'm in the process of transforming my yard into even more flower beds, so that I can grow even more of my own herbs for harvesting.

I'm a Haudenosaunee and Celt mutt and have been enjoying studying the traditional healing methods, knowledge bases and rituals that come from my heritage. I'm trying to bring all of that ancient power to today for your ritual practice and self care. I also just really like making certain things like horror themed soaps and putting what I think are hilarious quotes on candles. I am trying to find a blend of the old and new. Ancient and present. It might take me awhile, but it's worth a try to find a space for those who are interested in traditional practices and methods, but also really like references to 30 rock ('cause Liz Lemon is a goddess). 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find something here that makes you smile.


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